Imagine your holidays in the South of Switzerland:… you are warmly welcome in the Three Lakes Region!

Europe too boasts a superb Great Lakes region located among Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano and Lake Como.

The private dialysis unit MedQualitas is located in Chiasso, directly close to the Italian border, an ideal position for those who wish to spend an unforgettable holiday on Lake Lugano or Lake Como, just a few miles away from Milan.



We will be pleased to help you plan your holiday, if you like: feel free to choose from our range of special agreements with local hotels and let us suggest you the easiest way to organize a comfortable transfer to MedQualitas.

MedQualitas dialysis unit keeps with the quality and safety requirements set out by the high level of Swiss standards. All our doctors and professionals speak Italian, German, English, French and Spanish.

Please contact us Monday to Friday, during the opening times, with any questions or information.

And then…
If you are a shopping enthusiast, let yourself be tempted by the best of luxury and elegance in a real temple of shopping. Wander around the 160 shops to look for the best buy opportunities – 30 to 70% discount on the most popular brands throughout the year, and just 10 km away from MedQualitas!